StrViewer is a graphical viewer and post processing tool use to view 3D spacial arrangement of the atoms grown through EpiGrow simulator. StrViewer can accomodate million's of atoms in its plot window. It is capable to read the atomic configuration files with no limitations. StrViewer is useful tool to extract the lattice constant, defects and strain with in the grown epi monolayer. The extraction feature of StrViewer is the state of art tool as these informations can not be extracted with any kind of sophisiticated scientific instruments.



    1. Atomic structure arrangement can be seen

    2. Clearly characterize epi grown monolayer

    3. Capable to extract lattice constant from monolayer

    4. Inbuild feature to extract defects in monolayer & multiples monlayers

    5. Inbuild feature to extract strain due to lattice mismatch betweern substrate & epi grown layers