Hall Mobility Simulator

    The physics included in Hall Mobility Simulator simulate the electron transport in semiconductor materials under the influence of Electro- magnetic field. Hall Mobility Simulator uses the Monte Carlo technique which improves the "state-of-the-art" treatment of high-energy carrier dynamics.

    (1) The semiconductor can be modeled beyond the effective-mass approximation on the full electronic band structure obtained from Full Energy Band Simulator.

    (2) The electron-phonon, electron-impurity, and electron-electron scattering rates are included in a way consistent with the full band structure of the solid, thus accounting for density-of-states and matrix-element effects more accurately.

    (3) The carrier transport on the full energy band under influence of electro-magnetic forces is tracable for each single carrier.



    Hall Mobility Simulator is powerful tool, simulates carriers transport on full energy band. The microscopic simulation of the motion of individual particles in the presence of the forces acting on them due to external fields as well as the internal fields of the crystal lattice and other charges in the system has long been popular in the chemistry community, where molecular dynamics simulation of atoms and molecules have long been used to investigate the thermodynamic properties of liquids and gases. In solids, such as semiconductors and metals, transport is known to be dominated by random scattering events due to impurities, lattice vibrations, etc., which randomize the momentum and energy of charge particles in time. Hence, stochastic techniques to model these random scattering events are particularly useful in describing transport in semiconductors, in particular the Monte Carlo method. Provides flexibility to users to initialise the carriers over full energy band and analyse the transport of carrier to simulate the ensemble velocity of carriers under external electromagnetic forces on computer.