Tech Next Lab (TNL) Private Limited is incorporated in 2015 by EDA industry experts under Registrar of companies (ROC), Government of India, under company Act 1956, having offices at Corporate office located at Lucknow- 226 003, U.P., TNL branch office will be soon opened at Noida.


      To cater the basic technological needs of semiconductor industry to overcome the prolems arising due to shrinking of technology day by day. TNL is engage in development of purely atomistic based Epi-growth TCAD, Real Material Characterisation to simulate carrier mobility under influence of electomagnetic forces and Particle based device TCAD simulator to undersand the underneath physical mechanisms inside the semiconductor devices. The mission of TNL is to develop indigenous technology in collaboration with Indian Defence and Space agencies to meet the computational challenges and cater the basic technological needs for safety, security and better livelihood for the whole society.


      TNL have the vision to establish bridge between the skilled manpower by making them expert in the particular field of engineering thourgh devoted teaching within short period and prepare them as per the requirement of Indian Industry.

      We are committed to provide basic and specialised training to BTech / MTech students, also help to students/ industry professionals to accomplish their time bound projects. TNL is also engaged to work for technology transfer through delivered time bound design to tape out projects from government/industrial agencies.

      TNL also provide expert manpower to government / R & D labs /industry based of their specific requirement in particular field and is open to collaborate with educational / R&D labs / industry to provide teaching assistance in design of semiconductor devices.